Hyundai Katowice

Hyundai Katowice continually looking for new and innovative solutions, resulting in a slogan New Thinking. New Possibilities. The company wants to offer the widest possible audience, first-class solutions to meet daily needs, while respecting the aspect of art and creativity. Another European premiere is the Curb concept representing a segment of the Urban Activity Vehicle (UAV) equipped with a 1.6-liter gasoline engine with 175 hp. The car was designed in accordance with the stylist of a new design language Fluidic Sculpture Hyundai (rounded sculpture) so that stands out and is an ultra-modern design while Hyundai's first step to the future use of telematic technologies Hyundai Blue Link ™.

Hyundai Katowice presents the latest products developed under the program Blue Drive ™, which demonstrates the company's concern for the environment. On the stand shown ix35 FCEV is also a third-generation electric vehicle, the range per charge is 650 km.

The Hyundai Katowice also unveiled the Sonata HEV model that is the first full hybrid car developed entirely by Hyundai.